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What you need to know about tartar removal
and what you can do about it

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Remove tartar

Thorough tartar treatment protects you from tooth decay and periodontitis

Almost everyone is familiar with the whitish-yellow, sometimes dark-colored tartar that adheres to the surface of the teeth. Such stubborn deposits result from the interaction of plaque and saliva. Unfortunately, tartar cannot be removed by brushing your teeth alone. As bacteria thrive particularly well on it, you should have it removed regularly at your dental practice.

Everything at a glance

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    Causes of tartar formation


    The constant flow of saliva plays an important role in the formation of tartar. For this reason, solid deposits occur particularly frequently near the salivary glands. They occur most frequently on the front incisors and in the area of the first upper molars. The development at a glance:

    • The "foundation" for tartar is formed by soft plaque. It is the habitat of various bacteria that feed on adhering food residues and sugar.

    • Such plaque can often not be completely removed during dental cleaning at home. This applies in particular to more inaccessible areas such as the spaces between the teeth or the pockets under the gums.

    • Minerals from the saliva settle on plaque that has been adhering for a long time and gradually harden the plaque.

    • Tea, coffee or red wine in particular can give the originally yellowish-white tartar a darker color - nicotine can even turn it almost black.

    Tartar has a rough surface. New plaque can therefore adhere to it very easily. Consequently, tartar forms the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These usually include those that cause tooth decay and periodontitis - the most common dental diseases that can result in lengthy treatment. Tartar can therefore pose a considerable threat to your dental health. As the mineral content of saliva varies from person to person, the tendency to form tartar differs from patient to patient. However, tartar does not disappear by itself. Without treatment, it can even gradually cover the entire tooth walls. You should have it removed regularly by your dentist. At the smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden, our experienced prophylaxis assistants take care of this.

    Caution with tartar deposits

    Health risks

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    Why professional tartar removal makes sense

    Sensible treatment

    The removal of tartar in your dental practice is very useful in several respects:

    • Harmful plaque can no longer adhere so easily

    • Caries and periodontitis pathogens have a much harder time

    • Unsightly discolorations are also removed

    • Dyes from tea, coffee, red wine and nicotine are deposited less quickly

    • You can look forward to more beautiful teeth

    Our experienced prophylaxis assistants will remove tartar with a professional dental cleaning. The tartar is removed thoroughly and completely. To do this, they use gentle mechanical instruments or an ultrasound device. Both the tooth walls and the interdental spaces are included in the cleaning process. The cleaned areas are then carefully polished. This slows down the future build-up of tartar.


    Our measures

    Professional teeth cleaning

    Professional teeth cleaning, which includes tartar removal, brings you further health benefits. In addition to the removal of tartar, the soft and hard plaque on all teeth is completely removed. In addition, the entire dentition is carefully polished. Plaque can then no longer adhere so easily anywhere on the teeth. Professional teeth cleaning twice a year is the best prevention against tartar - and therefore against tooth decay and periodontitis. You can have the procedure carried out in our practice at any time.


    Thorough dental care

    You can also contribute to prevention through regular dental care at home. Cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush and dental floss prevents soft plaque from sticking. This also slows down the formation of tartar. Unfortunately, you cannot completely prevent it from being deposited. The detection of tartar is an important part of the regular check-ups in our practice.

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