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Protrusion splint for a peaceful night's sleep

Individual snoring therapy with your dentist

Snoring doesn't just rob you and your partner of a good night's sleep. The health impact on the heart, circulation and psyche can also be considerable. A customized protrusion splint can help against snoring. The smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden specializes in such snoring splints.

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    Negative effects of snoring

    Snoring makes you tired and exhausted

    The effects of snoring on health are generally underestimated. Snoring means that the oxygen supply is reduced during sleep. In the medium and long term, this can lead to considerable discomfort. Added to this are the consequences of permanent sleep deprivation. The list of undesirable consequences is long:

    • Oxygen deficiency and shortness of breath

    • Cardiovascular stress

    • Increased blood pressure and heart problems

    • Often dangerous breathing interruptions (sleep apnea)

    • Chronic lack of sleep

    • Constant tiredness, exhaustion and irritability in everyday life

    • Relationship problems due to noise pollution at night

    Sleep apnea can cause particularly critical conditions. Phases of heavy snoring are repeatedly accompanied by longer interruptions in breathing. Sleep apnea is caused by the temporary complete obstruction of the airway. If snoring is not treated in time, long-term damage to the heart and circulation is the rule.

    So there are plenty of reasons for snoring therapy. If possible, you should consult a doctor who is particularly familiar with the mouth and throat. Your dentist is a good contact person.

    Snoring is caused by the lower jaw moving involuntarily during sleep.

    Remedy through therapy

    What targeted snoring therapy can do for you

    • The tongue slides back towards the throat.

    • The channel for the respiratory flow narrows.

    • The soft palate and uvula begin to flutter.

    • The characteristic snoring noises occur.

    Snoring occurs more frequently from the sixth decade of life. The muscles of the jaw and oral apparatus become increasingly slack due to natural ageing. Men are particularly affected.

    A proven approach to snoring therapy: preventing the lower jaw and tongue from slipping so that breathing functions normally. This is where the protrusion splint, also known as a "snoring splint", comes into play. Such a protrusion splint is specially adapted to you. It can normalize the respiratory flow again. This is a particularly promising measure in snoring therapy.

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    Splints to minimize snoring

    Snoring splint against sleeping noises

    Wearing a protrusion splint is an immediately effective measure against persistent snoring. The snoring splint causes the lower jaw to move forward (Latin "protrusion") during sleep. The tongue stops slipping, the airflow returns to normal and the snoring noises disappear. Your sleep will be deep and restful again - and your bed partner will also be happy to have a good night's sleep.

    • We take an exact impression of your teeth for your snoring splint.

    • The mandibular advancement splint is custom-made in our in-house dental laboratory.

    • The dental splint is made of very light, health-friendly plastic.

    • Your personal snoring splint precisely covers the rows of teeth of the lower jaw.

    • Thanks to the special shape of the protrusion splint, your lower jaw remains in position during sleep. This eliminates the cause of the snoring.

    Most of our patients get used to the snoring splint after a short time. They notice a significant improvement in their well-being. They no longer want to do without this useful snoring therapy tool in the future.

    Advantages of the protrusion splint


    • Immediate effectiveness

    • Short familiarization period

    • Improvement in the duration and depth of night sleep

    • The snoring splint prevents consequential damage to health

    • It also gives your partner a peaceful night's sleep

    Apart from the protrusion splint, there are some behavioral tips that help permanently against snoring.

    Additional remedy for snoring

    Further snoring therapy measures

    Being overweight, for example, often hinders sleep breathing. A body with a few kilos too much is also considerably more stressed by snoring. Chronically inflamed sinuses can also make it difficult to breathe at night. Snorers should generally avoid sleeping on their back, as this also inhibits the flow of air. Frequently going to bed too late and drinking alcohol before going to bed also disturbs a good night's sleep.

    By observing these rules of conduct, you can support the use of the snoring splint as part of your snoring therapy in the long term.

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