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Painless anesthesia

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No fear of injections at the dentist

Dental treatment is even gentler with anesthesia without an injection

Almost nobody wants to do without effective anesthesia during dental treatment. Nevertheless, many patients find it unpleasant when the anesthetic injection is administered. At the smilin'' dental practice, we use a state-of-the-art procedure that leaves you feeling practically nothing: anesthesia without injections with computer-controlled single-tooth anesthesia. Fear of injections at the dentist is now a thing of the past.

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    So simple, but effective:

    Microprocessor for gentle dosing

    Many patients experience unpleasant sensations when administering a conventional anesthetic injection. The discomfort, which can also turn into pain, has a specific cause: the high pressure with which the anesthetic is injected into the tissue. Fear of dental injections is usually due to this.
    Our computer-controlled single-tooth anesthesia (STA = single-tooth anesthesia) is a very effective method. for single tooth anaesthesia) cleverly avoids the problem. Thanks to the so-called "magic wand", anesthesia is administered very gently without an injection:

    • For single-tooth anesthesia, we initially insert the cannula only minimally between the tooth and gum.

    • A tiny, precisely sufficient amount of anesthetic is administered into the gums in a controlled manner.

    • The cannula only penetrates further into tissue that is already anesthetized. The patient hardly notices this.

    • Thanks to the computer control of the stunning system, all this is done extremely gently.

    • The microprocessor doses the anaesthetic with particular care: DPD (dynamic pressure sensing) technology ensures fine control of the delivery pressure.

    • There is no pressure sensation, which usually causes fear of injections at the dentist.

    Especially for patients with dental anxiety, the "magic wand" is a godsend. You can entrust us with the preservation of your radiant smile without fear of dental injections - and experience pain-free dental treatment from start to finish.

    Thanks to computer control, anesthesia without an injection not only avoids unpleasant sensations. It can also be dosed so precisely that only the treated tooth is anesthetized. The surrounding teeth, jaw and face are not affected.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    No fear of the dental injection, no extensive facial anesthesia

    This is a big difference to conventional dental injections. This sometimes involves anesthetizing an entire half of the face over a period of hours. The consequences are slurred speech, a "crooked laugh" and great difficulty eating and drinking. At work or in public, you can often only be seen to a limited extent. Thanks to our anesthesia without injections, you will normally be fully fit for everyday life again shortly after the end of your dental treatment.

    Advantages of anesthesia without an injection


    • No unpleasant sensations when applying the anesthetic

    • Safe effect thanks to computer control

    • Only the treated tooth is anesthetized

    • No numb lips or tongue

    • Premature wearing off of the anesthetic

    • No more fear of injections at the dentist

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Sophisticated technology

    We use the tried-and-tested Wand® system from Milestone Deutschland GmbH for computer-controlled single-tooth anesthesia - so that you no longer have to be afraid of injections at the dentist. It consists of an ergonomic handpiece that is connected to the computer-controlled main unit via a thin tube. This carries the ampoule for the anesthetic. The substance is only released in finely measured individual doses. A control device for the dentist completes the advanced appliance.

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    It is also a relief for us dentists at the smilin'' practice in Rheinfelden when you are no longer afraid of injections at the dentist. If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions about anesthesia without an injection, please give us a call or get in touch using the contact form. We look forward to your visit. smilin'''s dentists and highly qualified dental technicians form an excellent team. One of our dentists will be happy to advise you on dental technology at our practice at any time. Please arrange your personal appointment directly by telephone or via the contact form. The smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden is looking forward to your visit.

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