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Modern 3D X-ray at your dentist

This makes dental treatment even gentler

3D X-ray is the popular term for digital volume tomography. The imaging procedure enables excellent three-dimensional images of your teeth and jaw. Compared to conventional computer tomography (CT), the radiation exposure is greatly reduced. The smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden uses the procedure to make diagnosis and treatment even more effective and tolerable for you.

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    So simple, but effective:

    The dentist sees more with a 3D X-ray

    The 3-D X-ray, also known as a digital X-ray, can examine the tooth structure and the jaw in great detail. For us as dentists, this means that we can identify potential problem areas much earlier and more accurately. This also minimizes the burden on you as a patient. If you ever need dental treatment, 3D X-rays can significantly improve the quality of treatment. Diagnosis is simpler, planning is easier, shorter treatment sessions and fewer appointments are the welcome consequences. And you can smile again more quickly with your healthy teeth.

    The innovative 3D X-ray is performed as follows:

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    How the 3D X-ray works

    • With 3D X-rays, you stand in front of the X-ray machine while the imaging device creates the three-dimensional images in a rotating motion.

    • A large number of individual images of your jaw are taken in a matter of seconds during the digital X-ray.

    • The high-performance computer software combines the individual images into high-resolution images in three-dimensional quality.

    The smallest details can be seen in the three-dimensional images. The position of the teeth in relation to each other can also be seen much more clearly than with conventional X-rays. Digital volume tomography (DVT) facilitates a holistic assessment of your teeth. Nerve cords are just as easy to see as the condition of the jawbone.

    Digital volume tomography offers advantages for almost all types of dental treatment. 3D X-rays are particularly useful in the following areas:

    For what purposes is 3D X-ray worthwhile?


    • Control of a root canal treatment

    • Detection of caries

    • Periodontitis treatment

    • Implant planning

    • Surgery on the jaw

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    3D X-rays can be used to detect diseases that are difficult to diagnose using conventional methods. This applies, for example, to caries in areas that cannot be seen from the outside and are barely visible on a conventional X-ray. Sources of pain that the patient cannot determine precisely can also be detected using 3D X-rays.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    More precise imaging also helps patients

    Another major advantage: injuries to nerves or blood vessels are significantly less frequent thanks to 3D X-rays, because your dentist knows exactly what the area around your teeth looks like beforehand.

    Advantages of the 3D X-ray


    • High-resolution images of teeth and jaws

    • More precise localization of defects and complaints

    • Excellent control option

    • Better planning of dental treatments

    • Reduced treatment effort

    • Even gentler treatments possible

    • Significantly lower radiation exposure than with conventional computer tomography (CT)

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