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Your dentist in Rheinfelden and the surrounding area

Our practice near the border has many advantages for patients from Switzerland

Many Swiss residents seeking dental treatment cross the border into Germany. This is frequently because of cost saving considerations – but many a German dental practice offers much more in the way of benefits. We, the dentists at the smilin’’ dental practice in Rheinfelden, are happy to explain exactly why so many patients from our neighbouring country prefer coming to us rather than consulting a dentist in Basel.

It’s the approach to dental treatment that counts

One reason for “dental commuting” is the currency exchange rates: Treatment and dental restoration work is almost always lower-priced on the German side of the border than in dental practices in Basel and the surrounding areas. But our Swiss patients generally come for entirely different reasons. They appreciate our state-of-the-art dentistry – and our uncompromising focus on the interests and well-being of our patients.

  • The smilin’’ dental practice operates using the latest procedures which, unfortunately, are not yet standard everywhere else.
  • Our focus is on especially gentle methods of treatment.
  • As our treatment and consulting services are fully transparent, we share a bond of mutual trust with our patients.
  • Our examination and treatment rooms are light and friendly and will help to put you at ease.
  • We offer long service hours to allow for evening appointments – and after prior agreement even appointments on Saturdays.
  • We offer payment options in convenient instalments, interest-free in the first six months.

Naturally, we also speak Swiss German (Schwyzerdütsch). Our Swiss patients benefit from all these advantages, in particular if they need more complex treatment. Many prefer our personal service even if the travel distance to a dentist in Basel or the surrounding areas might be shorter.

Superior technology

Our dentists make a point of ensuring that their high-end technical equipment always reflects state-of-the-art technology:

  • Our dental loupes give us the best possible view of the site of treatment. This ensures that the treatment is precisely focused and protective of surrounding tissues.
  • A digital x-ray device delivers high-resolution images of your teeth, with a significantly reduced radiation exposure dose.
  • Painless anaesthesia without injections is a new procedure especially appreciated by sensitive patients.
  • Our own in-house master dental lab provides you with high-quality dental crowns, bridges, prostheses, or veneers within the shortest possible timeframe.

Swiss patients looking for alternatives to visiting a dentist in Basel and the surrounding area also appreciate our own integrated dental lab. With our in-house dental technicians, the need for time-consuming adjustments is eliminated. The time required until your precision-tailored dental prosthesis is constructed is thus significantly reduced. Even a Basel-based dentist is only marginally quicker at best.

No problems getting here

The smilin’’ dental practice is located in the heart of an attractive rural environment. Anyone who has in the past consulted dentists in Basel or the surrounding areas will find that the way to our practice is quick and easy. Coming from the within the greater border area you will generally need less than half an hour by car for the trip to our practice in Rheinfelden. There are plenty of parking spaces right in front of our practice.

Going to Basel to see the dentist – a thing of the past …

Patients from Switzerland can easily make an appointment in our practice in Rheinfelden by phone or by e-mail. We look forward to welcoming you in our practice.

in Rheinfelden (Baden) auf jameda
in Rheinfelden (Baden) auf jameda