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Veneers for your front teeth

Fix small blemishes completely invisibly

Veneers are super-thin ceramic shells that are simply and securely bonded to the surface of your teeth. Small misalignments or unsightly areas in the visible front teeth can be easily corrected with veneers. Thanks to this great achievement in dentistry, you are often spared time-consuming treatment at the dentist or orthodontist. At the smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden, veneers are a frequently requested means of beautification.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Possible applications

    The name "veneer" comes from the English word for "veneer". Each veneer is made individually for you and your teeth. Both tooth shade and surface appearance are reproduced true to nature. At the smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden, we then use a special adhesive to attach the veneer precisely to the surface of your tooth. The adhesive strength is very good, you can use your teeth for everything without restriction.

    The extra-thin ceramic trays are particularly suitable for the following purposes:

    • Concealing teeth with crooked growth

    • Covering gaps or larger gaps between teeth

    • Equalization of very different tooth sizes

    • Hiding superficial damage

    • Color improvement of individual teeth

    If you would like to beautify your teeth with veneers, the dentists at the smilin'' practice will be happy to advise you at any time.

    Veneers are made especially for you based on a dental impression. The experienced dental technicians in our in-house laboratory take care of production. Despite their thinness, ceramic veneers are very durable - thanks to major advances in material technology. Ceramic is a particularly suitable material:

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Unmistakable signs

    • It is highly durable and abrasion-resistant.

    • Ceramic can be matched to the tooth shade in the finest nuances.

    • The material is color-fast and retains its color permanently.

    • Ceramic is well tolerated and does not cause allergies.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Simple attachment

    Before the dental impression is taken, the surface of the teeth in question is slightly roughened. This makes it easier to attach the veneers later. Roughening does not cause any discomfort. Once the ceramic veneers have been produced in our dental laboratory, they are attached to the surface of your teeth with a particularly strong adhesive. To do this, the teeth are cleaned and completely dried beforehand. The installation requires particularly careful work. The extensive experience that the dentists at smilin'' have gained with this makes the process easier. As soon as the veneers are firmly in place, you can enjoy your beautified smile. Follow-up treatment is not usually necessary.

    Alternatives to veneers include brackets to correct misaligned teeth or artificial dental crowns. It should be borne in mind that these are associated with more complex treatments. Brackets, for example, often have to be worn for years. And far more healthy tooth substance is lost with an artificial crown than with veneers. We will of course be happy to advise you on the possibilities and limitations of using these ceramic veneers in your case.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

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