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Plastic fillings: beautiful and stable

Tooth-colored composite is a high-quality filling material

Successful caries treatment requires a protective dental filling. Modern resin fillings with a ceramic component offer a solid solution: they are durable and can be matched very well to the natural tooth color. The smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden gives you a beautiful, radiant smile.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    A dental filling is unavoidable

    A good dental filling should be tight and inconspicuous at the same time. It is an indispensable part of caries treatment: after your dentist has removed the carious areas of enamel, the resulting cavity must be given reliable protection. There are various ways to do this:

    • Amalgam

    • Inlay filling (inlay) made of ceramic or gold

    • Conventional resin filling

    • Composite filling made of plastic with fine glass particles

    Amalgam used to be the most common material for dental fillings. However, it is suspected of being harmful to health. In addition, the anthracite-colored amalgam fillings are not a pretty sight. Amalgam is not an option for the easily visible front and side teeth if dental esthetics are important to you.

    Modern composite fillings offer a good alternative:

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Modern composite fillings can be much

    • Such composite resin fillings are extremely durable and resistant.

    • Composite fillings are available in countless shades.

    • Your natural tooth color can be imitated deceptively realistically.

    • The aesthetic image is outstanding.

    • Not as much healthy tooth substance has to be removed for luting as with amalgam fillings.

    Composite fillings consist of only about 20 percent plastic. The rest is made up of high-quality additives, including ultra-fine glass or ceramic particles. Hence the name "composite", which means something like "composite material". Such modern resin fillings are very similar to ceramics due to their composition. This can compensate to a large extent for the disadvantages that plastic fillings used to be known for, such as the unsightly darkening that quickly occurs with pure plastic fillings. Thanks to the glass content, composite fillings are also significantly more stable than conventional plastic fillings. They also do not contract as quickly as these, offer caries pathogens less of a target and need to be replaced less frequently. Modern composite fillings are suitable for filling all teeth, including milk teeth.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    How a resin filling is inserted

    Compared to other types of dental fillings, the insertion of composite fillings is somewhat more complex. This does not cause any particular inconvenience for you as a patient - apart from a treatment that takes a few minutes longer. Plastic fillings are fitted into the cavity of the tooth using the adhesive bonding technique ("adhesive" means something like "sticking"). The following steps are required:

    • The tooth must be completely drained before the composite filling is placed.

    • A bonding agent, a type of adhesive, is applied to the walls of the tooth cavity.

    • In the case of minor tooth damage, the entire amount of liquid composite is placed directly into the tooth hole.

    • The composite filling is hardened for a few seconds under the light of a UV lamp.

    • If more filling is required, the composite is applied in several layers. We cure each layer individually under the lamp before applying the next one.

    • This multi-layer process increases the stability of the filling and ensures a tighter seal.

    Your dentist will naturally choose a shade for your modern resin filling that exactly matches the color of the treated tooth. After placing the composite filling and briefly polishing it, you can bite on it immediately. There is no waiting time.

    All-ceramic inlays offer an equally excellent result as composite fillings. Ceramic inlays are generally even more durable than plastic fillings. They also imitate the natural tooth excellently.

    The best choice:

    Possible alternatives to composite filling

    With the classic production method, however, you have to wait some time for an inlay to be made: first an impression is taken of your tooth, then the inlay is produced in the dental laboratory. With the ultra-modern CEREC process for ceramic inlays, this is even possible on the same day. Thanks to the "digital impression" using a special 3D camera, the data is immediately sent to our master dental laboratory and the CEREC inlay is automatically milled within minutes. It is then cemented into the tooth cavity like the classic inlay.

    We use the ultra-modern CEREC® process to produce your inlays. This allows us to make your ceramic inlay for you during the treatment session. A three-dimensional, high-resolution "digital impression", which we take of your tooth with the help of a special camera, helps us to do this. In contrast to older procedures, you do not have to wait days for a temporary filling.

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