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Root canal treatment with maximum precision

We treat tooth root inflammation with state-of-the-art procedures

Root canal treatment may be necessary if the inside of a tooth has become inflamed - for example, in the case of advanced caries. This is no reason for you to worry. The smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden has excellent technical equipment that enables extremely gentle root canal treatment. You will then receive an aesthetically pleasing restoration or filling to protect your tooth.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    When is root canal treatment necessary?

    The reason for root canal treatment is inflammation of the tooth root. One or more root canals are affected. Each tooth has at least one of these, the molars even have up to four. Inside a root canal is the pulp, which consists mainly of blood vessels and nerve fibers. If the pulp is inflamed, we remove the inflammation from the affected root canal. We then clean it and the neighboring channels thoroughly. The correct term for root canal treatment is therefore "root canal treatment".

    If the root canal treatment runs smoothly, your tooth will be permanently preserved. This is the very best thing for the health of your teeth. Thanks to careful sealing, it remains protected against discomfort after root canal treatment.

    Tooth root inflammation, known in medicine as "pulpitis", can have various causes:

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Causes of tooth root inflammation

    • Caries

    • External injury to the tooth due to a fall or accident

    • Periodontitis, an inflammation of the periodontium

    Tooth root inflammation is often associated with pulling pain - a reason to visit your dentist without delay if possible. Sometimes, however, it only hurts when you bite down or the pain subsides after a short time. Even then, an examination is definitely necessary, because the inflammation of the tooth root can progress even without acute pain.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    How root canal treatment works

    First of all, every root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel anything during the treatment.

    • If the pulp is only slightly affected by the root canal inflammation, it is sometimes possible to dispense with comprehensive root canal treatment. The tooth then recovers on its own and remains vital. You will then usually receive a simple dental filling.

    • In most cases, we place an antibacterial insert inside the tooth. Depending on the type of bacterial infestation, we then give the tooth some time. We wait until the acute inflammation of the tooth root subsides.

    • If the root canal inflammation has penetrated deeper, a thorough root canal treatment is unavoidable.

    During root canal treatment, the diseased tooth interior, the pulp, is completely removed. The neighboring dentin is also cleaned of bacterial infestation. This is particularly important so that the inflammation does not flare up again. During root canal treatment, we can use antibacterial rinses, particularly fine files and the disinfecting heat effect of a laser to clean and widen the root canals. We carefully monitor the success of the root canal treatment with x-rays. Our digital X-ray machine provides excellent images and thus optimally supports root canal treatment.

    Once the root canal is germ-free and dry, it is completely sealed - the so-called root canal filling. Depending on how well the tooth is still preserved, it is sealed with a tooth-colored filling after the root canal treatment - or it is given a dental prosthesis, for example a ceramic crown.

    Scientific studies show that modern technology can have a decisive influence on the success of root canal treatment. At the smilin'' dental practice we use, among other things:

    • Electrometric length determination for the root canal

    • Mechanical sewer preparation with the finest titanium flex files

    • Laser for gentle disinfection

    • High-resolution magnifying glasses

    • Thermoplastic root canal sealing

    • Glass fiber pin structure if required

    The best choice:

    Our advanced root canal treatment

    The electronic length determination helps our dentist to clean the root canal down to its finest ramifications. Thanks to our flexible files, mechanical canal preparation also works with curved tooth roots. Their use in root canal treatment significantly increases the antibacterial effect, as does the laser. Our powerful magnifying glasses work with multiple magnification, which significantly improves the view during root canal treatment. The thermoplastic root canal sealing procedure ensures a particularly tight, long-lasting seal of the root canals. Glass fiber posts enable us to preserve teeth even if the tooth structure has been considerably damaged.

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    Don't leave your dental health to chance!

    Please feel free to come to our practice or give us a call!

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Aesthetically outstanding

    After our root canal treatment, nothing stands in the way of your beautiful smile.

    High-quality, tooth-colored ceramic-based fillings are virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure from the outside.

    However, if the affected tooth has already lost a lot of substance, an artificial dental crown is an option. After root canal treatment, it encloses it completely securely from all sides (full crown) or only from one side (partial crown). Thanks to the use of high-quality ceramic material, the dentures look deceptively real.

    A dental crown is also recommended if the tooth that is no longer vital becomes dark in color after some time. If you want to prevent this, you can choose this option from the outset during root canal treatment.

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