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There are as many questions about dentures as there are options: Should it be supported on your own teeth or are implants the better solution? When are bridges, dentures or veneers indicated? We will be happy to advise you and go through all the options with you, including financing.

Simply explained:

  • Bridges

    Bridges are fixed tooth replacement solutions that bridge missing teeth. They are attached to adjacent teeth to improve the smile, chewing and tooth structure.

  • Prostheses

    Dentures are artificial tooth replacement solutions. They replace missing teeth, improve chewing, speech and aesthetic appearance. There are partial and full dentures that are custom-made to meet the patient's needs.

  • Veneering

    Veneering in dentures refers to the application of an aesthetic layer of ceramic or resin to a metal or resin base to achieve more natural tooth shapes and colors. This improves the appearance of the denture.

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Sometimes repairs to the tooth are no longer sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. This is the case if the defect extends even below the gums, the tooth has already been root canal treated or old fillings take up too much space. Perfect results can be achieved with metal-free all-ceramic crowns at the dentist in Rheinfelden.


In some cases, a tooth has more severe defects, but is absolutely worth preserving. An artificial dental crown can then serve as a protective cover for the diseased tooth. Thanks to the crown, tooth loss can often be avoided. We only use particularly durable materials. They give you a secure chewing sensation and outstanding esthetic results.


If the crowning of a tooth is unavoidable, treatment using the CEREC® procedure is a convenient and less costly method at your dentist in Weil am Rhein. All measures and adjustments can be carried out directly on the patient in just one session. After creating and editing the 3D model template, the dental crown is milled fully automatically from a ceramic block.


If you are missing one or more teeth, a custom-made dental bridge is often a suitable tooth replacement. The bridge is attached to the healthy neighboring teeth and can replace the missing tooth or teeth in a deceptively realistic way. The abutment teeth that support the dental bridge are ground to a precise fit. However, if you want to avoid the loss of healthy tooth structure that comes with a dental bridge, there are also tooth-friendly alternatives.

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If you need dentures such as dental bridges or prostheses, healthy neighboring teeth are often affected: The dentures are attached to them or they have to be ground down as supporting pillars. Dental implants usually offer you a better solution. These stable artificial tooth roots bond firmly to the jawbone and can support dentures very well. Another advantage: dental implants prevent jaw atrophy, which otherwise inevitably occurs after tooth loss.


Dental implants promote a radiant smile: these artificial tooth roots can be used to securely attach dentures. Sometimes it is necessary to build up the bone in your jaw beforehand in order to anchor dental implants properly. The smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden has just as much experience with bone augmentation on the jaw as it does with implants in general.


In the context of jaw surgery, the so-called sinus lift is a special form of bone augmentation in the upper jaw. The loss of teeth and years of chewing pressure on the jawbone often lead to bone loss in the sinus floor. This bone wall between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus is important for the secure hold of implants. During a sinus lift operation as part of implant surgery, the floor of the maxillary sinus is raised by inserting bone augmentation material and a stable foundation is created for the insertion of implants.


Veneers are a particularly gentle method of aesthetically restoring broken or severely worn teeth. These are very thin, yet extremely strong ceramic shells that are modeled exactly on natural teeth in terms of shape and color. The great advantage of applying veneers is that - unlike dental crowns in the form of overcrowns - the healthy tooth structure can be almost completely preserved. At the Dreiländereck Dental Clinic, veneers can also be used to correct gaps between the front teeth and misaligned teeth.

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