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Correcting misaligned teeth

Tooth correction without visible brackets

Dental splints are mostly made of transparent plastic and serve various dental purposes. For example, the correction of misaligned teeth. Other variants function as bite and crunch splints or as anti-snoring splints. Aligner splints are ideal for correcting (minor) misalignments of the teeth through to complete tooth correction. Find out more now about the options for straightening teeth in our practice using transparent and inconspicuously wearable dental splints.

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    Types of dental splints

    What dental splints are available?

    On the one hand, dental splints, as known from sports and sports broadcasts, are used to protect the teeth. Other variants have a therapeutic effect on teeth grinding (grinding splint or occlusal splint) or function as an anti-snoring splint. A corrective aligner splint is worn to correct misaligned teeth. Both fabrication and material thicknesses vary depending on the type of dental splint and the respective application. What the models have in common is that they are always individually adapted to the client's/patient's dentition for the best possible fit.

    • Aligner splint

      Almost invisible dental splint which is used to correct misaligned teeth.

    • Anti-snoring splint

      Dental splint for the night, which helps to remedy snoring problems and sleep apnea.

    • Protective splint for athletes

      Sports mouthguards for competitions such as judo or ice hockey.

    • Bite splints/grinding splints

      Protective splints that work against teeth grinding or are indicated for muscular tension in order to protect the teeth, jaw joints and muscles.

    Dental splints

    Aligner splints

    An aligner splint is used to correct misaligned teeth. It therefore serves the purpose of straightening the teeth. In addition to the functional improvement, you also benefit from the visual advantages of the therapy: An even row of teeth in a harmonious position naturally looks better than crooked teeth and boosts self-confidence. At the same time, optimally aligned teeth also improve the quality of the masticatory system and articulation.


    If an aligner splint is medically indicated, the pairs are worn loosely on the teeth by the patient for a predetermined period of time. Because the plastic aligners are transparent, they can be worn discreetly during treatment. Everyday contacts are not restricted by a transparent splint.


    To ensure that the respective aligner fits perfectly on the row of teeth and can be worn comfortably by the patient, the respective model is custom-made by our competent technicians at "smilin". A typical tooth straightening therapy comprises 10 pairs of splints.

    Dental splints

    Splint for teeth grinding

    Anyone who works a lot with their teeth at night or even grinds their teeth can cause massive damage to them. Normally, contact between the lower and upper teeth lasts around 30 minutes a day. It takes place almost exclusively during eating and chewing. However, conditions such as CMD, acute stress and long-term tension can lead to bruxism. This term describes pathological teeth grinding as a form of inadequate stress reduction that is harmful to the teeth. Bite splints prevent direct contact between the lower and upper teeth. They form a protective layer over the teeth and protect the wearer from wear, abrasion and chipping on the rows of teeth. In addition, a relaxed position of the jaw joints and muscles is achieved.

    Dental splints

    Protective splint for athletes

    It makes particular sense to protect your teeth during physically demanding sports with physical contact. A sports mouthguard performs precisely this protective function. It is only worn during the respective competition or playing time. Aesthetic aspects play a rather subordinate role here.

    On the subject of dental splints and costs, you should know that both the price and the possibilities of cost coverage by health insurance companies vary depending on the problem and the type of dental splint.

    Assumption of costs

    When does health insurance cover a dental splint?

    • Depending on the severity of the malocclusion, aligner therapy costs around 3,500 euros upwards - statutory health insurance companies do not normally provide this service. However, it is possible to have part of the costs reimbursed by means of private supplementary dental insurance.

    • The cost of the crunch splint is up to 800 euros. A dental splint for teeth grinding is normally covered in full by health insurance if a corresponding medical diagnosis has been made.

    • The costs for protective sports splints are in the region of €300 and are not usually covered by statutory health insurance.

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