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Dental prophylaxis for healthy teeth

Targeted prevention preserves your beautiful smile

One of the ways you can recognize a good dentist is that they don't wait until your teeth are already diseased before taking action. In fact, he also focuses on dental prophylaxis - i.e. prevention and early detection. Because individually tailored measures can prevent dental disease from occurring in the first place. The smilin'' dental practice explains here what a sensible dental prophylaxis should look like.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Aims of dental prophylaxis

    The word "prophylaxis" comes from the Greek prophýlassein, which means "to protect in advance". This is particularly helpful when it comes to preventing tooth decay and periodontitis. These two are the most common dental diseases. They do not develop overnight: Their pathogens spread gradually through the teeth and oral cavity before they cause major damage. Reason enough for you and your dentist to take prophylaxis particularly seriously.

    • The "foundation" for tartar is formed by soft plaque. It is the habitat of various bacteria that feed on adhering food residues and sugar.

    • Such plaque can often not be completely removed during dental cleaning at home. This applies in particular to more inaccessible areas such as the spaces between the teeth or the pockets under the gums.

    • Minerals from the saliva settle on plaque that has been adhering for a long time and gradually harden the plaque.

    • Tea, coffee or red wine in particular can give the originally yellowish-white tartar a darker color - nicotine can even turn it almost black.

    Good dental prophylaxis has the following advantages for you:


    • Your healthy teeth stay healthy too

    • Elaborate dental treatments become superfluous

    • You save money on expensive treatments and dentures

    • Your teeth stay beautiful and you can smile brightly

    The Institute of German Dentists regularly conducts a so-called oral health study. According to the latest survey, the condition of teeth in both children and adults has improved significantly in recent years. With dental prophylaxis tailored precisely to your needs, you can be part of this trend towards better teeth.

    Not all of the dental prophylaxis measures mentioned are equally important for every patient. What you personally should pay particular attention to during dental prophylaxis depends, among other things, on the condition of your teeth and your eating habits. After a thorough examination, an experienced dentist can make suggestions for dental prophylaxis that are exactly right for your teeth.

    Components of good dental prophylaxis can be, for example

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Options for dental prophylaxis

    • Regular professional dental cleanings in the dental practice

    • Fluoridation of the teeth as caries protection

    • Tooth sealing

    • Tips for thorough home care of teeth, implants and dentures

    • Six-monthly check-ups in the practice

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Comprehensive offer

    The smilin'' practice in Rheinfelden can offer you the entire spectrum of dental prophylaxis. Below we explain the various dental prophylaxis measures in detail.

    • Professional teeth cleaning:

      The "deep cleaning" of your teeth, carried out by our experienced prophylaxis assistants. They remove plaque that you can't get rid of with a toothbrush and dental floss. This dental prophylaxis measure removes the pathogens that cause tooth decay and periodontitis - which makes professional teeth cleaning very useful.

    • Fluoridation:

      A special fluoride gel, applied to the surface of your teeth, strengthens your enamel in particular. This makes it more resistant to caries bacteria.

    • Tooth sealing:

      Your dentist can close the finest cracks (fissures) in the tooth surfaces, which are often only fractions of a millimeter in width, with a special plastic. This prevents fissure caries. This type of dental prophylaxis is particularly recommended for patients who are prone to tooth decay.

    • Oral hygiene at home:

      Which type of toothbrush is best for you, which toothpaste? How can you protect your teeth even better by using dental floss, interdental brushes and fluoride rinses? We will advise you in detail based on the individual condition of your teeth.

    • Six-monthly check-ups:

      This is one of the most important measures taken by your dentist - prophylaxis, which should be effective, absolutely includes early detection. So come to our practice as regularly as possible for a check-up. By detecting foci of disease in good time, we can often stop dental disease in its early stages.

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