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Dental prophylaxis: The smilin’’ dental practice

Dental care service

Effective prevention preserves your winning smile

One sure sign that your dentist is a true professional is, among other criteria, the fact that he won’t wait until your teeth are already damaged before jumping into action. On the contrary: He will make dental prophylaxis, or dental cleaning, one of his priorities – i.e. prevention and early diagnosis or identification of potential dental issues. Customised procedures can help prevent dental diseases from developing in the first place. In the following paragraphs, the smilin’’ dental practice explains what effective dental prophylaxis ought to look like.

Objectives of dental prophylaxis

The term “prophylaxis” is derived from the Greek word prophýlassein, which means “protect in advance“. And that is precisely what caries and periodontitis control is about. These two diseases are the most frequent dental problems. They do not simply appear over night: Caries-inducing and periodontal bacteria gradually spread through the mouth and teeth before starting to inflict major damage. All the more reason for you and your dentist to take prophylaxis very seriously.

An effective dental prophylaxis offers the following advantages:

  • Your healthy teeth will stay healthy
  • Complex dental treatments can be avoided
  • You can save the costs of expensive dental treatments and restoration
  • Your teeth will maintain their healthy appearance, and you will keep your dazzling smile

The Institute of German Dentists regularly conducts oral hygiene surveys. Recent surveys have shown that the dental status of children and adults has improved considerably over the past few years. By adopting a customised dental prophylaxis routine, you too can be a part of this trend towards healthier teeth.

The different options of professional dental prophylaxis

Not all of the above dental prophylaxis procedures are relevant for every patient in equal measure. Your personal focus in dental prophylaxis depends, among other factors, on the medical condition of your teeth and your dietary habits. After carefully examining your teeth, an experienced dentist will be able to make proposals for dental prophylaxis that are tailored specifically to your needs. An effective professional dental prophylaxis treatment might include for example:

  • Regular professional teeth cleaning in the dental practice
  • Fluoridisation of your teeth to help prevent cavities
  • Dental sealing
  • Advice on effective home hygiene routines for teeth, implants, and prostheses
  • Bi-annual check-ups at the dental practice

Comprehensive range of services

The smilin’’ dental practice in Rheinfelden can offer you the full range of professional dental prophylaxis services. Below is an overview of the individual dental prophylaxis procedures available.

  • Professional teeth cleaning:In-depth cleaning” of your teeth, performed by our experienced dental hygienists. They remove the plaque you won’t get rid of by brushing and flossing. This preventive dental procedure removes the foods that caries-promoting and periodontal bacteria feed on – which makes professional teeth cleaning an effective tool against dental decay.
  • Fluoridisation: A special fluoride gel, applied to the surfaces of your teeth, is designed to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. This improves its resistance to caries-triggering bacteria.
  • Dental sealing: Ultrafine cracks (fissures) in the tooth surfaces, frequently only fractions of a millimetre in width, can be sealed by your dentist with the aid of a special adhesive. This prevents caries from developing in the fissures.  This dental prophylaxis procedure is recommended for patients who are especially prone/ susceptible to tooth decay.
  • Home oral hygiene:H Which type of toothbrush is best suited to your needs, and which toothpaste? How can you optimise the protection of your teeth by using dental floss, interdental toothbrushes, and fluoride mouth wash solutions? We check your individual dental status and give you customised recommendations for your home dental hygiene routines.
  • Bi-annual check-ups: This is one of the most important services offered by your dentist – in order to be truly effective, dental prophylaxis must include the early diagnosis of potential dental problems. So please be sure to visit our practice for regular check-ups. By identifying budding dental problems at an early stage, we can frequently prevent dental diseases before they erupt.

Customised consulting service

The dentists at the smilin’’ practice near Weil am Rhein and Basel are happy to advise you on how professional teeth cleaning can benefit you – and which other prophylactic procedures are recommended in your particular case. Please make an appointment by phone 00 49 (0) 7623 52 30 or e-mail.