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  • Professional tartar removal

  • Preventive dental prophylaxis for healthy teeth

  • Prophylaxis for children, adults, pregnant women & diabetics


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In addition to high-quality dentistry, we offer a comprehensive range of services on request to make your visit to us as pleasant as possible.

  • Tartar removal

    Scaling is a painless process in which the dentist removes hard plaque from the teeth. This prevents gum disease and keeps teeth healthy and shiny.

  • Dental prophylaxis

    Dental prophylaxis for patients means regular visits to the dentist, thorough oral hygiene at home and a healthy diet to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and maintain oral health.

Our dental prophylaxis team will be happy to assist you:


Our services


Our guiding principle is: It is better to teach dental care early and playfully than to have to repair damage. That's why our prophylaxis assistants are highly trained in showing your child how to look after their teeth properly, using sensitive and illustrative materials. Of course, even the little ones' teeth are professionally cleaned and fluoridated.


With professional teeth cleaning by our specially trained prophylaxis assistants, you are on the safe side. Medical teeth cleaning gently and thoroughly removes plaque, tartar and discoloration caused by tea or coffee. After polishing, subsequent fluoridation helps to reduce the risk of caries. And your teeth will look like new again!


The increased hormone levels during pregnancy can lead to gingivitis, which can be easily and gently prevented by having your teeth professionally cleaned by our prophylaxis assistants. Ideally, you should have your dental prophylaxis carried out when you are planning to have a baby.


According to the latest findings, the risk of developing periodontitis is three times higher in diabetics than in non-diabetics. The reason: the high blood sugar levels weaken the resistance of the periodontium and thus promote infections. Inflammation in the mouth can also lead to a deterioration in blood sugar levels. Therefore, the following applies to diabetes patients: Regular dental cleaning at the dentist not only reduces the risk of periodontitis, but is also essential for overall well-being.


One of the ways you can recognize a good dentist is that they don't wait until your teeth are already diseased before taking action. In fact, he also focuses on dental prophylaxis - i.e. prevention and early detection. Because individually tailored measures can prevent dental disease from occurring in the first place. The smilin'' dental practice explains here what a sensible dental prophylaxis should look like.

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Benefit from our additional services

In addition to high-quality dentistry, we offer a comprehensive range of services on request to make your visit to us as pleasant as possible.

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    Digital dental impression

    for fast fabrication of precise dental prostheses in 2 hours.

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We want to make your stay at our practice as pleasant as possible. The entire practice and our procedures are designed so that we can offer you complete, quality-oriented treatment and the best service in a relaxed atmosphere.
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    Accessibility (facilities for the disabled in all rooms)

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    Competent post-operative care

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    Invoice payment in installments (interest-free for the first six months)

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We believe that a visit to the dentist is a reason for joy, where it is not only important that the treatment is carried out flawlessly - but also that the atmosphere in the practice is cheerful and relaxed and that there is a good relationship between you and us.

You can therefore look forward to a particularly friendly and open team at the Rheinfelden Dental Clinic, who will make your visit to the dentist a relaxed experience.


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