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A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching

Teeth whitening needs to be well planned

It's easier to smile with beautiful white teeth. Unfortunately, stimulants such as coffee, tea or nicotine often turn the whiteness of our teeth a pale yellow - and the natural ageing process doesn't exactly make our teeth any brighter either. A customized bleaching treatment at your dentist can help. In this way, you can give your teeth back their radiant brightness.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Why your teeth darken over time

    With age, our body stores more and more blood pigment residues in the teeth. This is why everyone's teeth lose their virgin whiteness over time - regardless of what we eat. Medication such as antibiotics or certain foods and stimulants can also darken the teeth from the inside.

    Such discoloration of the tooth substance does not only affect the enamel, the outer protective covering of the tooth. The unwanted dyes are also deposited in the deeper dentin. This can only be remedied with a good bleaching agent. No matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth with special toothpastes, they can't help.

    Teeth whitening at the smilin'' dental practice in Rheinfelden means: We adjust the dosage of the whitening agent precisely to the condition and shade of your teeth. You can of course determine the desired degree of brightness before bleaching. You have a free choice of numerous color nuances.

    At the smilin'' dental practice, we whiten your teeth as gently as possible. Specially trained, experienced prophylaxis assistants carry out the bleaching conscientiously. Of course, we do everything we can to ensure that the tooth whitening you want is compatible with your dental health. When we bleach your teeth, we always adhere to the following treatment procedure:

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    How teeth whitening works

    • We advise you in detail before bleaching - because the color of your artificial dental crowns, fillings or dental bridges must be taken into account when determining the degree of whitening.

    • Before bleaching, we examine your teeth for cracks in the enamel, damaged fillings, gum disease and tooth decay. In this way, we avoid unwanted inflammation as a result of the treatment.

    • If nothing stands in the way of bleaching, we will first carry out a professional tooth cleaning. Externally adhering deposits such as tar residues from smoking or stains from coffee, red wine, vegetables or fruit juices can be removed in advance. This also makes the whitening result more even.

    • Now we carefully cover your gums to protect them.

    • The bleaching agent is applied in the desired concentration. We leave it to work for a while during bleaching and also treat it with ultraviolet light to activate the agent. The heat generated also accelerates the whitening process and ensures a better result.

    • The first time you look in the mirror, you will be delighted with your new radiant smile.

    • After bleaching, your teeth are treated with strengthening and protective fluoride.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Thoroughly effective bleaching agent

    During bleaching in our dental practice, the bleaching substance releases active oxygen. This passes through the enamel into the interior of the teeth. The oxygen breaks down unwanted colorants and thus permanently brightens your tooth structure without damaging it. If the bleaching effect wears off after a few years, you can have the treatment repeated at any time. Regular professional dental cleanings extend the durability of the bleaching.

    Root-treated teeth that have darkened can also be whitened: The bleaching agent is applied directly to the tooth after briefly removing the filling.

    Advantages of tooth whitening at the dentist


    • The bleaching agents at your dentist have a much stronger effect than over-the-counter preparations.

    • You have much more leeway when choosing the color.

    • Professional tooth cleaning in our practice is the only way to optimally prepare for bleaching.

    • This prevents "stained" teeth, which can occur with home bleaching.

    • With all his experience, your dentist can prevent crowns, bridges or fillings from interfering with the bleaching result.

    • Adverse health effects can be avoided.

    At the smilin'' dental practice, we pay particular attention to one thing: that beautiful teeth and maintaining your dental health are always in harmony with each other. By carrying out a thorough dental check, we can largely rule out the possibility of the bleaching agent damaging your teeth. The dosage is individually adapted to your teeth. If you have particularly vulnerable tooth enamel, we will of course take this into account during treatment.

    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

    Can there be side effects with bleaching?

    Teeth and tooth necks may be more sensitive for a few hours after bleaching. To prevent this as far as possible, we apply a fluoride gel after bleaching. This strengthens the enamel in the long term and makes your teeth less sensitive.

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    A radiant smile again thanks to bleaching.

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