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Veneers for your front teeth

Making small imperfections disappear

VeneersVeneers are wafer-thin ceramic slivers that are simply and securely bonded to the surfaces of your teeth. They can quite effectively help to mask minor misalignments or imperfections in the visible area of your smile. This amazing achievement of modern dentistry is frequently a good alternative to complex dental or orthodontic treatments. In the smilin’’ dental practice in Rheinfelden, veneers are an extremely popular procedure for aesthetic dental enhancement.

Areas of application

The term “veneer” comes from the woodworking industry, where it refers to a thin sheet of natural wood that is applied on top of other surfaces. In dentistry, each veneer is custom-made to suit your individual requirements, emulating both the colour and the surface structure of your natural teeth. In our smilin’’ dental practice in Rheinfelden we use a special adhesive to bond the veneer to the surface of the supporting tooth with perfect precision. The high adhesive strength ensures the full functionality of your teeth.

The extra thin ceramic covers are ideal for the following applications:

  • Straightening tilted or crooked teeth
  • Closing spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Levelling out irregularly sized teeth
  • Concealing surface damage
  • Enhancing the colour shade of individual teeth

If you are considering a smile makeover with the aid of veneers, the dentists at the smilin’’ practice will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

Technological advances

Veneers are made to measure for you by means of a dental impression or mould. The veneers are then crafted by our experienced dental technicians in our in-house laboratory. Despite being ultra-thin, ceramic veneer shells are extremely durable – owing to tremendous advances in materials engineering. Ceramic is particularly suitable as a material:

  • It is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Ceramic can be matched perfectly in infinitely fine hues to the natural colour of your teeth.
  • The material is fade-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting perfect colour match.
  • Ceramic is extremely well tolerated and does not trigger allergies.

Straightforward fitting

Before taking a dental impression of your teeth, the surface of the afflicted tooth is slightly roughened. This will make it easier later on to fix the veneer to the tooth. Roughening will not cause you any discomfort. After construction in our dental lab, the ceramic shells are fitted to the surface of your teeth using an especially strong adhesive. Prior to this step, however, your teeth are cleaned and thoroughly dried. Fitting the veneer requires a great deal of care and precision. Drawing on a wealth of experience, our dentists at smilin’’ are positioned to handle the procedure with ease. Once the veneers are firmly in place, you will be able to enjoy your new, enhanced smile. Follow-up treatments are not usually necessary.

Compelling advantages

Alternative solutions to veneers are, for example, brackets for the correction of misaligned teeth, or artificial dental crowns. You need to remember, however, that these solutions involve more complex treatments. Brackets for instance frequently have to be worn for several years. And artificial crowns involve the loss of a significantly larger proportion of healthy tooth substance than is the case with veneers. We are happy to advise you on the practicalities and limitations of using ceramic shells for your specific dental requirements.

We are only a phone call away

If you are interested in veneers and their extensive area of application, please contact us. Make an appointment for a personal consultation at our smilin’’ dental practice in Rheinfelden near Lörrach and Weil am Rhein by telephone or e-mail.