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Restore that dazzling smile – with tooth bleaching

Bleaching your teeth requires careful planning

Perfect white teeth make for a brilliant smile. Unfortunately, foods and drinks including coffee or tea and other substances such as nicotine frequently cause the white of your teeth to turn a dull yellow – and on top of this, the natural ageing process is another contributing factor to darkening teeth. But there is help: Your dentist can offer you a customised tooth bleaching treatment. This procedure can help to restore the natural brilliance of your teeth.

Why your teeth change colour over time

As we grow older, our body deposits more and more red blood pigment residue in our teeth. This is why we all eventually have to kiss the natural whiteness of our teeth goodbye – regardless of what we eat and drink. Even drugs such as antibiotics, certain foods and other substances can cause the teeth to darken from the inside.

This discolouration of the tooth substance not only affects the tooth enamel, the outer protective coating of our teeth. The unwelcome pigments also accumulate in the dentine, the part of the tooth beneath the enamel. This can only be corrected with an effective bleaching agent. Even the most impeccable oral hygiene routine and the use of special toothpastes won’t make the discolouration go away.

Tooth bleaching at the smilin’’ dental practice in Rheinfelden means: We adjust the dose of the whitening agent precisely to the condition and colour shade of your teeth. Of course you can specify the degree of whitening prior to the procedure. You can choose freely between many different tooth shades.

The bleaching procedure

In our smilin’’ dental practice, we use especially gentle processes to bleach your teeth. Specially qualified and experienced dental hygienists perform the bleaching procedure with great care. Needless to say, we will do everything to ensure that the tooth whitening procedure you choose is compatible with your dental health status. When bleaching your teeth, we strictly follow the following procedure:

  • Before bleaching, we will provide you with detailed information – because the colour of any artificial dental crowns, fillings or bridges you may have needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a particular tooth shade.
  • Prior to bleaching we will examine your teeth to check for fissures in the enamel, damaged fillings, gum diseases, and dental caries. This is to prevent unpleasant inflammations that may result from the treatment.
  • If there are no dental problems, we will start off with a professional cleaning. External deposits such as stains from smoking or from coffee, red wine, vegetables or fruit juice are removed before the whitening treatment. This will also ensure a more uniform bleaching result.
  • We will then carefully cover your gums for protection.
  • The bleaching agent is applied in the appropriate concentration. It will then be left to work for a period of time and, in addition, exposed to ultraviolet light to activate the agent. The heat generated will further accelerate the bleaching process and ensure a better result.
  • You can then take a first look into the mirror to enjoy your new brilliant smile.
  • After the bleaching procedure, your teeth will be treated with fluoride to strengthen and protect your teeth.

Effective bleaching agent

The bleaching agent we use for the whitening procedure in our dental practice breaks down to release active oxygen. This oxygen penetrates the tooth enamel and spreads into the interior of the tooth. In doing so, it breaks off undesired colour particles, lightening the shade of the tooth substance without damaging it. When the bleaching fades after a few years, you can repeat the treatment. Regular professional tooth cleaning treatments will make your bleaching last longer.

Even teeth that have received root canal treatment and have darkened over time can be brightened: Their filling is temporarily removed from the tooth and the bleaching agent applied inside the tooth itself.

Advantages of chair-side teeth whitening

Home whitening kits sold in drugstores and pharmacies are frequently regarded as a low-cost and simple alternative to professional bleaching by a dentist. But these products can have a number of disadvantages. The following list explains why tooth bleaching done by a dentist is generally the preferable solution:

  • The bleaching agents used by your dentist have a much stronger effect than over-the-counter whitening kits.
  • Your dentist offers a much wider choice of tooth colour shades.
  • The best preparation for an effective bleaching is a professional teeth cleaning treatment in our dental practice.
  • Chair-side bleaching won’t leave you with spots on your teeth, as DIY home kits often do.
  • Your dentist has the necessary experience to ensure that artificial crowns, bridges, or fillings do not stand out after bleaching, compromising the result.
  • The risk of dental health problems can be avoided.

Can bleaching have side effects?

At our smilin’’ dental practice we have one priority: maintaining the balance between beautiful teeth and dental health. A careful examination of your teeth helps ensure that your teeth will not be damaged by the bleaching agent. The dosage is customised to suit the requirements of your teeth. If your tooth enamel is particularly sensitive, we will of course take this into consideration when planning your treatment.

After bleaching, your teeth and the areas around the necks of your teeth may be sensitive for a few hours. To minimise this effect, we apply a fluoride gel after bleaching. The gel strengthens the tooth enamel and reduces the sensitivity of your teeth.

Find out more

If you are interested in tooth bleaching, we will be happy to provide you with the information you need. The smilin’’ dental practice near Lörrach, Weil am Rhein and Basel will be happy to welcome you. Simply make an appointment by telephone or e­mail to arrange for your personal bleaching treatment.